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Introducing the most advanced, structured and complete mindfulness App on the planet.

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Awakened Mind is the brainchild of global mindfulness and leadership authority, Michael Bunting, who has spent the last 20 years teaching mindful leadership to some of the world’s biggest companies.

Michael’s extensive experience and proven success in applying mindfulness to corporate leadership led him to create a solution that would fit the needs of any modern organisation... Read More

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Proven Results with clients around the globe

Leadership teams and employees partner with us to develop sustainable high performance cultures. Third-party researchers at esteemed universities have found significant results.

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A comprehensive portal to guide your understanding of mindfulness and develop the skills you need to practice it effectively.

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Guided Meditations

Easy-to-follow meditations with clear instructions, drawing on the most authentic mindfulness practices on earth.

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The ultimate mind hack – a solution that actually meditates for you! Using the world’s most advanced brainwave entrainment technology.

Introducing Neurosync™ – an innovation in brainwave entrainment technology that is revolutionising meditation.

Neurosync™ meditates for you making it the ultimate solution for those who find meditation difficult, or struggle to focus in our distraction-filled modern world.

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Using the most world’s most advanced brainwave entrainment technology, Neurosync™ is meditation made easy, enabling you to experience all the incredible benefits of mindful meditation, anytime, anywhere.

Neurosync™ and its technology is exclusive to the Awakened Mind app.

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Our solution has helped organisation experience the game-changing benefits of integrated mindfulness practice.