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Your mental wellbeing solution in a box

Awakened Mind has been designed as an all-in-one support tool to assist you with Mental Wellbeing & Team Development initiatives. Start with one of our three group programs and leverage the app for lasting impact


Group Programs

  • Mindfulness essentials
  • Stress and resilience
  • Mental wellbeing essentials

Hosted on our app

Awakened Mind hosts all program resources, additional support programs, and a comprehensive practice center

Plug and play

Each group program comes with an easy-to-follow facilitator guide. Our global network of consultants can do the facilitation for you, or can support you in doing it yourself

Powered by our mobile application

Awakened Mind is the brainchild of global mindfulness and leadership authority, Michael Bunting, who has spent the last 20 years teaching mindful leadership to some of the world’s biggest companies.

Michael’s extensive experience and proven success in applying mindfulness to corporate leadership led him to create a solution that would fit the needs of any modern organisation...

As the most technically advanced wellbeing and growth app, Awakened Mind provides a business-ready platform for corporations looking to experience the game-changing benefits of integrated mindfulness practices. It's time to discover the power of the Awakened Mind App.

Awakened Mind is the brainchild of global mindfulness
Michael’s extensive experience and proven success in applying
world class content

World-class content

Evidence-based, researched training programs designed with the support of globally recognised topic experts

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Designed to drive results

All programs encourage a regular practice and integrate with the app’s feedback tool to drive accountability

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Integrated learning

Videos, podcasts, other digital resources, practices and support functionalities to foster a developmental attitude

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All digital programs come with a facilitator guide and offer a group learning experience for any leader or employee to facilitate

Proven results with clients around the globe

We collaborated with the National University of Singapore to run an independent, academic research study on the impact of Awakened Mind in the workplace.

Results after 8 weeks

  • Emotional exhaustion: -58%
  • Focus: +22%
  • Work engagement: +37%
  • Job satisfaction: +22%
  • Flow: +25%
  • Perceived leadership effectiveness: +25%
  • Perceived team effectiveness: +13%