The Awakened Mind Story

Michael Bunting: Mindfulness & Leadership Expert; Creator of Awakened Mind

My personal journey into mindfulness started in 1992

I began to immerse myself in the study and practice of the great Eastern and Western contemplative philosophies. Soon after, I had the amazing opportunity to teach mindfulness to corporate clients. This was long before mindfulness was ‘cool’ or trending. In fact, my original mentor and I were probably the first people in the world to successfully teach mindfulness to the business and government sectors.

But fast-forward a few years and something changed

While my corporate offering was thriving, my personal practice had hit a wall. I was emotionally numb and disconnected. I’d become arrogant and was deeply unhappy. What had gone so wrong? Here I was teaching mindfulness, yet I realised that my understanding of myself and my practice was terribly incomplete.

I sought a truly integrated mindfulness practice that would deliver emotional freedom, insight, compassion and happiness. Along the way, I realised that unlocking the deeper benefits of mindfulness required a level of understanding that went far beyond the practice itself. You needed to fully understand the human condition. Only then could you teach mindfulness with precision and true effectiveness.

What started as a personal quest became a decade-long journey…

I delved into depth psychology. I completed a post-grad in mindful psychotherapy. I studied with world-leading experts in personality structure, mindful communication, childhood trauma and more. My search also led me to deep immersion in the most comprehensive and refined mindfulness teachings on earth: the Satipatthana Sutta, otherwise known as the four foundations of mindfulness.

My search was over - and to this day, I continue to be amazed at how much happiness, wisdom and insight these integrated mindfulness practices have produced in my own life, and the lives of others.

Years of hard work, study, practice and insight finally led me to the integrated practice I’d been seeking.

With mindfulness becoming wildly popular, my corporate clients encouraged me to share my knowledge with a much wider audience. The challenge was to create a genuinely skilful solution that cynical, time-poor beginners could instantly learn and benefit from. Yet at the same time, I had to stay true to the pure accuracy and precision of the world’s most time-tested and integrated mindfulness practices.

By now, I had a deep comprehension of the original, authentic mindfulness practices, combined with a solid understanding of Western psychology and the challenges of a modern world. Meanwhile, my years of teaching leadership to executives in some of the biggest companies in the world meant I knew how to turn the theories into practical, game-changing applications.

I had all the puzzle pieces: the four foundations, the human psychology, the corporate leadership experience. Now, to tie them all together in a beautifully comprehensive mindfulness app.

Awakened Mind was born.

While my own extensive experience provided the ideal starting point, I knew that building a world-class mindfulness app would also require input from the world’s best mindfulness experts. So, I called on a team with a combined 140 years of unsurpassed mindfulness experience:

  • Subhana Barzaghi: Senior Zen and Insight Teacher
  • Patrick Kearney: Former Monk, Zen and Insight Teacher, Mindfulness Scholar
  • Steven Smith: Former Monk and Insight Teacher
  • Chris McLean: Mindfulness Teacher and Therapist

Combining their hard-won wisdom, study, experience, integrity and insight with my own knowledge of teaching mindful leadership to global corporations, I created an app with genuine depth, based on the most authentic mindfulness practices on earth.

Throughout this process, my personal experience of the dangers of incomplete or unskilful mindfulness training compelled me to ensure the utmost skill and care was taken in the development of every element. An intuitive structure was applied, enabling users to progress their mindfulness skills and grow their knowledge, while a range of cutting-edge features ensured the app would be the perfect solution for the modern world.

The result of this bold endeavour is Awakened Mind - the most comprehensive and technically-advanced mindfulness app on the planet.

If you’re ready to discover the life-changing power of integrated mindfulness practices and begin your journey to a happier, healthier life, click below to get started.

About Michael Bunting

Michael Bunting

Michael Bunting is the founder of leadership and mindfulness consultancy WorkSmart Australia, a Certified B Corp. He has trained and coached thousands of senior leaders, and worked with some of the world’s most iconic organisations, including Hilton Hotels, Qantas, Novartis, Salesforce, Rio Tinto and more.

Michael is the author of the number one bestseller, The Mindful Leader, and co-author of bestselling books, A Practical Guide to Mindful Meditation, with Patrick Kearney, and Extraordinary Leadership in Australia & New Zealand with Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, the world’s premier researchers and authors in the field of leadership. He also teaches Mindful Leadership for Sydney University’s multi award-winning Global Executive MBA.

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