Awakened Mind for Corporations

Reduce stress, improve productivity and increase emotional intelligence across your workforce.

Embed mindfulness into your company culture and build an inclusive environment.

Discover a simple solution that enables your workforce to truly thrive.

Introducing Awakened Mind - the Mindfulness Solution Designed for the Corporate World

As the most technically-advanced mindfulness app on the market, Awakened Mind provides a business-ready platform for corporations looking to experience the game-changing benefits of integrated mindfulness practices.

Awakened Mind teaches business users the precise skills they need to develop an advanced mindfulness practice, offering a highly-structured and expertly-guided journey into mindful meditation and self-awareness training.

As a result, your employees will thrive - achieving significant improvements in both their personal and professional lives that bring tangible benefits to the workplace.

Reduced anxiety and improved stress-management

Increased productivity, creative thinking and idea generation

Enhanced self-management skills

Better concentration and focus

Better physical health and wellbeing

Improved communication and decision-making skills

Greater empathy with team members and customers

Improved emotional intelligence skills

Enhanced performance in the workplace

Genuine insight and transformation

If you’re ready to transform your organisation by making integrated mindfulness accessible to all, Awakened Mind is the only solution you need.

Why Should Your Company Choose Awakened Mind?

The Only Mindfulness App With Corporate Foundations

Awakened Mind is the brainchild of global mindfulness and leadership authority, Michael Bunting, who has spent the last 20 years teaching mindful leadership to some of the world’s biggest companies - including Hilton Hotels, Qantas, Novartis and Rio Tinto.

Michael’s extensive experience and proven success in applying mindfulness to corporate leadership led him to create a solution that would fit the needs of any modern organisation. By combining his understanding of the business world with a deep understanding of the most authentic mindfulness practices on earth, Michael and his team have produced a highly-advanced app that makes the proven benefits of mindfulness easily accessible to practically-minded business users.

Learn, Grow and Thrive as a Community

For corporations, Awakened Mind offers the opportunity for community-based activities, social learning and group interactions. Users can collaborate with team members and share their progress, fostering a sense of community as life-changing skills are developed.

Our Ultimate Mindful Meditation Beginner’s Program provides an easy entry-point into mindfulness, with a focus on practical, hands-on mindfulness skills that will benefit both individuals and the organisations they work within.

An Integrated Approach for Lasting Benefits

Unlike many other mindfulness apps, Awakened Mind enables users to develop an integrated, insight-based mindfulness practice. This goes far beyond the temporary calm or situation-specific stress relief offered by other apps, resulting in more permanent life changes.

As your employees develop their skills in these authentic mindfulness practices, they will unlock deeper benefits, such as genuine insight and self-awareness, connection and authentic awakening.

Everything Required to Develop Advanced Mindfulness Skills

A key benefit of Awakened Mind is the intuitive structure that guides users through our advanced attention-training program. By providing access to the precise information and resources needed to develop an integrated mindful meditation practice, Awakened Mind enables beginner-level users to quickly progress to an advanced stage of mindfulness ability.

From our comprehensive Learning Center to Guided Meditations, the incredible Neurosync™ - the world’s most advanced brainwave entrainment technology – to a wealth of collaborative group features, Awakened Mind is the most complete mindfulness app on the planet.

A Simple, Easy-to-Manage Interface

Awakened Mind offers a simple-to-use interface with the ability to manage access and permission levels with ease. There’s no complex set-up, so you can get started quickly – and begin to experience the significant benefits of integrated mindfulness in your organisation.

Improved productivity, reduced stress, better mental health and stronger relationships across the workforce are just some of the benefits Awakened Mind can offer your business.
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