Introduction to Mindfulness

2 Day Certification Program

Next Date: 11 & 12 December, Sydney

Presented by Michael Bunting, best-selling author of The Mindful Leader, A Practical Guide to Mindful Meditation, Extraordinary Leadership in ANZ and the Awakened Mind app.

Want to teach mindfulness to organisations?

Michael Bunting has been teaching mindfulness to some of the world’s biggest organisations for over 17 years. For the very first time he is now offering a trainer the trainer certification program for his world class, cynic proof, one day mindfulness training. You will get access to a program and a mindfulness trainer with over 10,000 hours of track record.

The program is a basic introduction to mindfulness, suitable for large to small organisations and is applicable in the following training contexts: Leadership (basic self-awareness), wellbeing, resilience, mental health, performance and efficiency.

Overview of the 2 day program

Day 1 you will attend as participant and experience the course from the perspective of your future clients.

Day 2 you will be given a thorough orientation to the training materials, slides and resources, so that you are ready to present the program back to your clients or team members.

It is critical to note for anyone who wishes to attend the train the trainer program that this particular program is integrally tied to the mindfulness app, Awakened Mind. The connection to the app is the reason we have decided to run a train the trainer program without demanding a minimum of 10 years of mindfulness practice from those who certify. The app is a natural follow on from the one day introduction program. While app use is not a strict condition, it is highly recommended. The app allows for continued skill building and group work.

Introduction to Mindfulness ​–​ ​Training ​Agenda

You will be certified to deliver the below training

8:30 Introduction

Introduction to the presenter, the participants and the agenda.

8:45 Exercise

A reflection exercise designed to help participants realise that the condition of their mind is key to their wellbeing, performance, leadership and freedom from stress.

9:15 Mindfulness Defined

Defining the what and why of mindfulness, with a special emphasis on the difference between presence and mindfulness. Includes some background on the current popularity of mindfulness.

9:45 The Science and Evidence

A short overview of the overwhelming science, neuroscience and evidence behind modern mindfulness practices. Includes unique leadership research data from The Mindful Leader.

10:00 Break

Mindful tea/coffee

10:15 Why Mindfulness?

An in-depth reflection for each participant on why they would want to practice mindfulness. From health to performance, wisdom etc.

10:30 The “how” to practice basic mindfulness

An introduction to basic mindfulness practice. Both the theory and an actual meditation practice.

11:00 Happiness, performance & mindfulness

This is where we join the dots between personal wellbeing, freedom from stress, improved performance and mindfulness. An important “aha” moment for participants.

11:15 Informal Mindfulness Practice

An introduction to the difference between formal and informal mindfulness practice. Includes an informal mindfulness activity.

12:00 Reflection & Summary

This is a time for reflection on the whole morning. Participants are also introduced to the FAQ’s section of the workbook. Session completes with a new meditation practice, which builds off the first meditation practice of the day.

12:30 Lunch

Includes instructions for mindful eating

1:30 The 3 obstacles to mindfulness

An overview of the 3 core habits that rob us of mindfulness and wellbeing (default network, multitasking & technology addiction). Includes exercises & reflections.

2:45 Working with a busy mind

A basic introduction to the skillset needed for working with monkey mind / busy mind.

3:00 Break

Mindful tea/coffee

3:15 Skills Practice

Introduction to formal breath meditation. Both the theory of a meditation object and the skillful use of the breath for longer meditation practice.

3:45 Awakened Mind App

A very brief introduction to the Awakened Mind app. This will support participants to continue their practice, and to stay part of a group.

4:00 Summary and commitments

Summary exercises & reflections. Closing meditation.

4:30 Finish

What you will receive:

2 day Certification Training Program

An Instructor Overview in soft copy, with an “advert” for the program you can copy and paste, and a comprehensive agenda with timings and instructions

An Instructor Guide that mirrors the participant workbook (which makes it extremely easy to present from)

Participant Workbook

A full PowerPoint Slide deck

Video and audio resources

A free token for our online Mindfulness: Core Skills program

12 month premium access to the Awakened Mind app

What you need to complete in order qualify for purchasing workbooks and using the materials on an ongoing basis:

The trainer the trainer program

The online Mindfulness: Core Skills Program (can be completed before or after the training)

Note for consultants: If you wish to sell the Awakened Mind app to your customers we require you to fully complete all aspects of the app. If you wish to be listed on the Awakened Mind website as an accredited partner you must complete a minimum of 10 x 1 hour coaching sessions with us and we reserve the right to withhold accreditation if we are not confident your skills and understanding are at the level they need to be. Additionally you must attend a minimum 5 day meditation retreat (or have already attended one). Please note yoga retreats do not qualify. It must be a mindfulness retreat.


Train the trainer program (with all inclusions):

$1750 Standard Fee

Scholarships available on request.

Workbooks (for ongoing program delivery): $33 per participant

All costs are quoted in AUD and include GST.

Refund policy: Due to limited participant numbers, we cannot offer any refunds once a booking is made and paid for. We can waitlist you for future programs.

Next Date: 11 & 12 December, 2018

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