Unlocking your potential with self-awareness and more mindfu...

Unlocking your potential with self-awareness and more mindful living

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Unlocking your potential with self-awareness and more mindful living

Potential refers to the dormant qualities you possess that could be developed into meaningful attributes that enhance your potential and the quality of your life. For your potential to be realised, you need to recognise what you have inside and work towards developing it. Self-awareness and mindful living are the keys to converting your potential to real benefits.

Self-awareness is beneficial to both you and the people around you, whether that’s in the workplace or at home. Research shows that when we understand ourselves, we become more confident, creative, make sounder decisions, build healthier relationships, and communicate more effectively. Leaders who are self-aware are also more effective, tend to have more satisfied employees, and run far more successful companies.

As it happens, self-awareness can be developed through mindfulness. With mindful living, you are always striving to improve yourself in small but meaningful ways.

I was recently chatting with my teams. In our discussion, someone spoke about how they had taken a personality test and had stumbled on some insights on who they really are. “Guys, it’s so true. I absolutely hate uncertainty. You know how I get when I don’t get answers to my questions!”

Someone then cracked a joke about how not knowing menu prices drives my colleague crazy and she laughed and agreed. While she spoke about how she’s been working to change this need for certainty with meditation and mindfulness, I thought about how important it is that we understand who we are and why we think and act the way we do.

Personally, mindfulness has helped me understand parts of myself I was previously unaware of. I’m hoping you can unlock a similar journey through more mindful living with some of my insights.

Centre yourself and unwind with meditation

Many people don’t realise this but unlocking your potential also includes taking breaks when you need them. Overworking and mentally, emotionally, and physically draining yourself is harmful to your progress. The idea that we must always be working to be the best versions of ourselves is destructive to our wellbeing.  

Mindful living includes knowing when you have to take breaks. If you can manage to slot in mindful, short breaks, you give yourself the opportunity to recharge, re-evaluate, and begin the next phase of what you’re doing feeling refreshed.

Taking a few minutes at the end of each day to meditate and reflect is also a great way to improve your sleep, lower your stress levels, and prepare yourself better for what’s ahead.

Enhance your self-awareness by paying attention

Paying attention to your emotional headspace and external environment is a mindfulness exercise that ensures that you stay present in each moment and are in tune with how you’re feeling at all times.

This helps you process your emotions in healthier, more productive ways and stops you from projecting your feelings onto others and reacting destructively.

An easy way to ensure that your focus and concentration are maintained is by choosing to work on one task instead of multitasking. Being aware of your physical surroundings and your interactions with it - from the sound of your keyboard keys to the texture of the arms of your chair - also helps you remain mindful.

Evaluate yourself but be compassionate

Being constantly critical of yourself leads to you overlooking the little challenges that you overcome and the achievements you make along the way.

Self-awareness will help you become more understanding of yourself and take steps to improve yourself through constructive evaluation and empathy. Being excessively critical of yourself, however, will block your potential and is not the same as self-awareness.

When you incorporate mindful living practices into your lifestyle, you will find yourself not letting your anxiety, stress, and other negative emotions overwhelm you. This will help you foster a positive outlook making it easier to improve yourself and achieve greater self-awareness.

How Awakened Mind can help you realise your potential

Awakened Mind is the most technologically advanced mindfulness platform on the market.

Our focus is on helping you strategically incorporate mindfulness practices into your life in flexible ways. When you sign up to Awakened Mind, as a company or as an individual, you gain access to a comprehensive Learning Center, a carefully curated library of guided meditation tracks, and Neurosync™ technology.  

Our mindfulness platform ensures that you have the knowledge and tools you need to grow your mindfulness in your own time. The more you understand yourself and develop healthy, positive practices that boost your mental and physical health, the more you will discover your true potential.

Download Awakened Mind today to unlock self-awareness through mindfulness.

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