Why guided meditation for sleep is what you need for better ...

Why guided meditation for sleep is what you need for better days at work

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Why guided meditation for sleep is what you need for better days at work

I’ve been thinking a lot these days about the traditional model of working.

These thoughts have stemmed, mostly, from the recent COVID-19 crisis. It practically forced us into a blur of working from home and keeping an eye on the news day in and day out, watching the pandemic swell and subside.

I must admit, I did get stuck in what felt like an endless cycle of work and sleep. By the end of each week, I always felt like I’d put myself in a dryer on the highest setting.

I was in a stupor, and even after I became aware of this, I struggled to take the steps I knew I needed to snap myself out of it. I knew that if I was feeling this way, I definitely wasn’t alone. I reached out to my team, at one point, to see how they were doing.

Once I voiced how I’d been struggling under the circumstances, my team was suddenly very forthcoming about their own struggles.

I remember someone saying, “I feel like I’ve been on autopilot for weeks now”, which I found eerily relatable. Talking about it also made me realise just how damaging our routines had become.

Someone else added, “I used to meditate every day, for at least ten minutes, but now I feel so listless and meditation is just another chore on my to-do-list.” I’m not going to lie and say this didn’t bother me because, as a mindfulness company, shouldn’t we have done better?

Since 2010, the number of people who work remotely, at least once a week, has grown by 400%. Post-COVID-19, this figure is likely to skyrocket.

Despite the rising number of employees taking to more flexible working operations, however, the struggle to stay connected and maintain a healthy routine while working from home still remains a challenge.

The main reason for this, in my opinion at least, is the blurred line between work and rest—which, for me, is where guided meditation for sleep comes in.

During our meeting, I gave my team a little homework: guided meditation for sleep for a few weeks. Gradually, over weeks of practice, I noticed there was a noticeable improvement in how people approached their work and dealt with stress—even when everything else remained the same.

How does guided meditation for sleep work?

Meditation helps you from the inside-out, going straight for your brain waves.

After just nine minutes of meditation, the brain waves that are most recognisable during deep relaxation become more pronounced, slower, and more organised.

With just 20 minutes of meditation, theta waves, which are typically characteristic of REM sleep, increase. The increased presence of these brain waves leads to a decrease in your respiration and heart rate.

With continued practice, after just one-and-a-half months of 20- to 30-minute meditation, the regions of the brain that moderate stress management, emotional regulation, and memory recall experience an increase in grey matter.

What does this mean for your workdays?

Science confirms that guided meditation for sleep has a measurable impact on your brain function and can improve the work you do and how you work.

It can, in the short-term, give you improved and more restful sleep that will leave you feeling more refreshed and ready to tackle the challenges of the workday.

In the long-term, meditation helps you fight off the negative impact of a wandering mind. It helps you centre your focus and keep your attention to the present instead of allowing your mind to wander at the slightest distraction.

Absentmindedness, although seemingly harmless, can have a lasting impact on adult development, the quality of your work, and even how you perceive your day.

Guided meditation for sleep gives you greater control over your mind. It makes sure the brain gets the rest it needs to function properly and gives you the kind of quality of life we’re constantly talking about (Sometimes like a broken record!).

How can Awakened Mind help you use guided meditation for sleep for better workdays?

The Awakened Mind mindfulness platform is a fully stocked resource that helps you leverage the resources and techniques you need to establish personal mindfulness practices.

Guided meditation for sleep is easy with our curated selection of meditation tracks just for sleep on the Awakened Mind app :) Download our app to get started.

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