Is a mindfulness retreat a fad or a good corporate wellness ...

Is a mindfulness retreat a fad or a good corporate wellness idea

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Is a mindfulness retreat a fad or a good corporate wellness idea

Most businesses are still reeling from the effects of the pandemic. Still, for a handful of industries, the pandemic has proved to be a catalyst for innovation and growth. Among them is virtual mental healthcare, which is in hot demand.

Last weekend, I was catching up with friends and family. It was just after lunch, and I was talking to one of my friends from university. Like me, she’s a travel enthusiast and a seeker of what she likes to call “spiritual living”.

She was telling me about a virtual mindfulness retreat that her workplace had signed them up for. The minute she said ‘virtual’, I was all ears. She told me about how the retreat was broadcasted through Zoom calls and pre-recorded guided meditations.

I remember her saying how the whole experience was like a virtual conference. She told me she found the guided meditations useful. I sensed a ‘but’ and I asked her what was missing. “I didn’t find it any different to using an app or meditating on your own. I felt like I was being robbed of something. I guess it’s because when you say ‘retreat’, you have this idea in your head.”

We agreed that it would be challenging to recreate an outdoor, tranquil experience in the virtual world.

Still, an experience like a mindfulness retreat is meant to be about your connection to the outside world. Humans are good at creating ways to escape the buzz of everyday life. So, if not a virtual mindfulness retreat, how else can we explore mindfulness in the new normal?

The answer may surprise you.

Create a mindfulness retreat in the comfort of your home

Okay, maybe not so surprising, but why would we want to retreat even more? Many of us have either spent months in lockdown or are still practicing some form of social distancing. Hear me out, though.

Think of a typical day at home (I say typical but I mean post-pandemic). We tend to be limited to our space, staring at our screens the whole day. My entire day shifts between a phone and a laptop. It’s extremely overwhelming and exhausting.

Given the daily demands of our work and personal lives, checking up on loved ones and keeping up with the news, we completely forget to take care of what’s most important. That is our own thoughts and feelings.

While your body may be withdrawn, your mind may be overwhelmed with everything that’s happening around you.

So, gather your thoughts and organise your space. Choose a clean and comfortable area of your home or office. Try mindfulness meditation; a practice that’s supported by a comprehensive mindfulness app like Awakened Mind.

How does a custom mindfulness retreat support your mental wellbeing?

I have previously spoken about the benefits of guided meditation for stress relief. In summary, guided meditation can improve self-awareness, positive thinking, and sleep. It can be your guide to learning about mindfulness and how to meditate.

There are many powerful and positive benefits of mindful meditation. Studies show how it helps both physical and mental conditions. This ranges from IBS, chronic pain to anxiety and depression. In one study, fMRI scans were taken of regular practitioners of meditation while they were performing everyday tasks.

The study revealed that the changes that occur in their brains hold steady even when they are not meditating. The study is a clear indication of the long-term impacts of meditation.

How can Awakened Mind help you create your own mindfulness retreat?

The Awakened Mind mindfulness platform is a holistic resource that helps you learn more about meditation and guides your mindfulness practices.

The app is a comprehensive portal of knowledge. It has been proven to impact a range of health indicators including mental focus and emotional exhaustion in a positive manner.

The guided meditation tracks on our app can help you create your own mindfulness retreat! All you need to do is set up your space, free up your schedule, and sit down with your phone (mute your notifications for a while!). Let the app guide you through meditation to relaxation and tranquillity.

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