The Ultimate Mind Hack:
Change Your State of Mind, Just By Listening!

Introducing the revolutionary technology that makes meditation incredibly easy, even in the most challenging situations.

Discover Neurosync™ - the most advanced brainwave entrainment technology on the planet.

By using extensively researched audio technologies to influence your brainwave patterns, Neurosync™ effortlessly puts you into the state of mind you’re seeking – from deep meditation and calm, to productive focus and concentration.

Simply by listening to audio tracks, Neurosync™ enables you to experience all the incredible benefits of meditation. This means you can enjoy the deeply calming effects of meditation even when in challenging environments, such as on a plane, bus or train.

Neurosync™ goes way beyond any other brainwave entrainment solution, using an incredible TEN different audio technologies to deliver mind-blowing results!

Your Meditation Super Power

Most of us are familiar with the significant benefits offered by meditation, from increased calm to improved health and wellbeing - in fact, these positive effects are now scientifically proven to result from regular meditation.

But for many people, engaging in a disciplined meditation practice is far from easy.

Staying focused, finding the time and getting into the right state of mind are all common challenges. Add to that the many distractions of our modern world, and it’s little wonder that meditation is often deemed ‘too hard’, even by those who would love to experience its benefits.

Neurosync™ changes all that. Here’s how it works…


Our natural brainwave patterns alter depending on our state of mind – so, we experience different patterns when we are feeling relaxed, focused etc.


By using special audio technologies to influence these patterns, Neurosync™ is able to induce the ideal state of mind for meditation (and many other states – as you’ll see below).


All you have to do is listen to the tracks and let the advanced audio technology work its magic – it’s that simple!

This makes meditation incredibly easy, wherever you are and whatever state of mind you’re seeking.


Creating the Right State of Mind

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, there’s more!

You see, Neurosync™ is much more than a meditation aid. This revolutionary technology can also be used to deliver targeted improvements in a range of specific life areas – such as sleep, focus, depression and anxiety.

The audio tracks featured in our Neurosync™ Special Packs recreate the optimum state of mind for each of these conditions. This means that Neurosync™ can help you easily and naturally address these common challenges – simply by sitting back and listening to the sounds.

While Neurosync™ isn’t designed to replace other treatments such as medication and therapy, you’ll be amazed at the improvements you experience.

Features of Neurosync™

FREE Sample Tracks

FREE Sample Tracks

Try out the amazing power of Neurosync™ at NO cost, with our free sample tracks – a range of 12-15 minute audio tracks that will produce real results.

Awakening Series

Awakening Series

A 3-year, structured meditation program featuring advanced brainwave entrainment sessions, our comprehensive Awakening Series will get you into advanced meditative states quickly and effortlessly.
Split into four levels, the Awakening Series takes you on a journey from the basics to increasingly deeper stages, as you develop your brain’s ability to access these states.

Graduation Series

Graduation Series

Once you’ve completed the Awakening Series, our Graduation Series allows you to continue your journey and obtain complete mastery of yourself through meditation, using advanced brainwave sessions.

Armed with the intuition and inner guidance you’ve gained from the Awakening Series, you will now be ready to choose your own path, as you head in your preferred direction and discover capabilities you were never aware of.

Special Packs

Special Packs

Our Special Packs contain advanced sets of brainwave entrainment tracks, specifically designed for a range of conditions and applications, including:








By changing your brainwave patterns to create the optimum state of mind for each of these conditions, these powerful audio tracks can help you address the challenges you face and support you in these crucial areas of your life.

Rainfall Series

Rainfall Series

The sound of rainfall is a hugely popular ambient sound – it can have a deeply soothing effect on the primitive parts of our brain, and can help to relieve chronic pain and induce sleep.

By combining the steady sound of rainfall, the auditory ‘drone’ of binaural beats and our special Neurosync™ advanced technology, our Rainfall series is ideal for deep meditation practice and producing profound ease, healing and insight.

The mind-blowing benefits of Neurosync™ - the world’s most advanced brainwave entrainment technology – are ONLY available in the Awakened Mind app.
Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this ultimate mind hack!