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At Awakened Mind, we leverage technology to assist you in driving deeper and longer lasting impact in the culture of organisations you work with. We give you all the tools you need to make your projects a success story. With Awakened Mind you can:

Integrate our app with your services and provide your clients with what they need, every step of the way. Combining digital resources with face-to-face learning enhances your offering and gives you the ability to scale.

Increase your services' stickiness by using Awakened Mind as a means to stay in touch with your client base and ensure long-term benefits for your clients.

Distribute the Awakened Mind app to your client-base and earn 40% of all yearly license fees. Any other revenue remains yours.

Introduction to Mindfulness Program

Received tremendous feedback from companies such as Qantas, and Hilton Hotels.

Easily browse through multiple materials that are ready to use.

Designed to introduce the App as a follow-on resource.

The programs is yours to incorporate into your training services how you see fit.

Team starter program

5 Fortnightly meetings: 1 introductory meeting and 4 modules.

Participants prepare for each module by watching the related content in the App.

The Team Starter Program can be adapted as a mindfulness program or as a leadership development opportunity.

Ready to Thrive?

Our solution has helped organisations experience the game-changing benefits of integrated mindfulness practice.

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