All the Tools You Need to Improve Your Life With Authentic Mindfulness Practices

Awakened Mind is the world’s most comprehensive mindfulness app, with absolutely everything you need to develop a highly advanced level of insight, wisdom and happiness.

From our unique Learning Center to Guided Meditations, the phenomenal brainwave entrainment technology of Neurosync™ to a feature-packed Meditation Timer, Awakened Mind brings together the most technically-advanced features of any mindfulness app.

But these amazing features are just part of the story. By teaching you the precise skills of an integrated mindfulness practice, Awakened Mind enables you to experience more permanent benefits than simple stress relief. You’ll learn to apply your mindfulness skills to every area of your life, resulting in a lasting state of happiness, wisdom and peace.

Plus, we have designed an intuitive structure that guides you from one section to another, enabling you to grow your mindfulness abilities and organically advance your skills in the original, time-tested mindfulness practices.

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