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There are plenty of basic mindful meditation apps out there. Awakened Mind is not one of them.

Rather than only offering simple stress relief or temporary calm, this app is a life-changing solution that enables true awakening – a far deeper sense of awareness resulting from skilled mindfulness practices, that brings profound freedom, connection and genuine contentment.

To enable you to master your inner world and thrive in all areas of your life, Awakened Mind has drawn on authentic mindfulness practices in their purest, most original form, then applied an intuitive structure that supports and advances every level of proficiency.

Expertly guided by our structured attention-training program, you will cultivate insight and serenity style mindfulness skills, enabling the development of an integrated mindfulness practice that brings lasting happiness, genuine insight and profound clarity to your life.

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Introducing Neurosync™: The Meditation Game-Changer

Neurosync™ is the world’s most advanced and effective brainwave entrainment technology – a phenomenal audio solution that makes meditation incredibly simple, even in the most disruptive situations.

By influencing your brainwave patterns using unique audio technology, Neurosync™ actually recreates particular states of mind - whether that’s deep meditation, sleep, productive focus and much more. So you can make improvements to your life, simply by listening!

In other words, it’s meditation for the modern world.

Whether you struggle to stay focused while meditating, or want to experience the calming benefits of mindful meditation in challenging environments, like planes, trains or buses, Neurosync™ is the effortless solution that makes it possible - all you have to do is sit back and listen.

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Using the incredible technology of Neurosync™, we’ve created an audio series designed to dramatically improve specific areas of your life, such as sleep, performance, focus - even anxiety and depression.

Don’t miss out! The one-of-a-kind technology of Neurosync™ is ONLY available in the Awakened Mind app!

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The Awakened Mind Difference

With so many mindfulness apps on the market, what makes Awakened Mind different to any other mindful meditation solution?

Deeper, Life-Long Benefits
Deeper, Life-Long Benefits

In many basic meditation apps, you’ll find a lot of situation-specific meditations – everything from sport to driving, flying to commuting. But Awakened Mind is different.

Our focus is on giving you the insights and skills to truly know your own mind. With this depth of understanding, you will develop the natural skills, wisdom and intuitive intelligence to apply mindfulness in any situation. Mindfulness never has been, and never will be, a situation-specific practice. You are the key, not your external conditions.

This means we guide you on a journey that leads to genuine self-understanding, in order to unlock deeper, ongoing benefits – such as exceptional self-awareness and emotional intelligence, the courage and understanding to change self-defeating habits, the deepest levels of wisdom, and a reliable feeling of inner joy and freedom.

Mindfulness in its Purest Form
Mindfulness in its Purest Form

Awakened Mind is based on the most authentic mindfulness practices on earth, drawing on over 2500 years of original, proven methodologies; this time-tested approach is what enables such extraordinary results.

By guiding you with precision and deep care for the nuances of this life-changing practice, you will grow your proficiency in the world’s most effective, scientifically-proven form of mindfulness.

An Unrivalled Level of Structure
An Unrivalled Level of Structure

A key difference of Awakened Mind is the intuitive structure we have created, enabling you to embark on a journey of continual progression. You are not left to wander the ‘supermarket aisles’ of meditation options, unsure which path to take – instead, you are expertly guided by your very own digital mindfulness teacher, with everything you need to develop exceptionally strong mindfulness skills.

Within a single app, you will find the knowledge, skills and tools to experience the life-changing benefits of mindful meditation, delivered in a structured way that guides and supports you at every stage.

Trusted Content, Certified By Mindfulness Experts
Trusted Content, Certified By Mindfulness Experts

Every single element of Awakened Mind is vetted and approved by some of the most respected names in mindfulness. As a result, you can enjoy the peace of mind that each meditation and resource is accurate, reliable and authentic.

As we continue to grow our guided meditations and resource bank, we will maintain our stringent review process to ensure Awakened Mind remains the most trusted source in mindfulness.

Created By World-Leading Mindfulness Practitioners
Created By World-Leading Mindfulness Practitioners

The team behind Awakened Mind has a combined 140 years of mindfulness experience. Founded by Michael Bunting – a global authority on teaching mindful leadership to major corporations – its principles draw on unparalleled (and hard-won!) wisdom, study, experience, integrity and insight.

Nearly two centuries of experience have been distilled into Awakened Mind, to create an app that offers the most advanced, authentic and effective mindfulness practices on the planet.

Hundreds of Unique Features
Hundreds of Unique Features

As the most comprehensive mindfulness app on the market, Awakened Mind offers a vast array of features you won’t find in other apps, including:

  • Neurosync™: The revolutionary mind hack that meditates for you! Using the world’s most advanced brainwave entrainment technology, Neurosync™ provides all the wonderful benefits of meditation in the easiest way imaginable – and it’s only available in the Awakened Mind app.
  • The Learning Center: No matter your starting level, our extensive Learning Center acts as a knowledge portal that allows you to quickly progress your mindfulness skills, covering everything you need to develop an advanced level of practice.
  • Certified Guided Meditations: Our guided meditations have been co-developed with world-leading authorities in mindfulness and draw on the world’s most effective, authentic mindfulness practices.
  • The Best Meditation Timer Available: Our feature-packed meditation timer lets you practice in the best way for you. Choose your own meditation time, select start and end sounds, and even set loving reminders to keep you on track.
  • Share With Friends and Colleagues: The Group feature is perfect for creating a sense of community that keeps you focused and accountable on your mindfulness practice. Share insights, send messages and view group stats.
  • Stay On Track with Statistics: In the Statistics section, you can view your meditation data and monitor your progress over days, weeks and months. It’s a great way to track your improvement and achieve your goals.
  • Plus Much, Much More! As the world’s most complete mindfulness app, Awakened Mind offers a staggering amount of features, designed to enhance your journey to a happier, healthier life.

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