Awakened Mind’s 8-week Team Starter Program

Awakened Mind collaborated with the National University of Singapore to run an independent, academic research study on the impact of Awakened Mind in the workplace.

8 companies, 22 groups, 218 employees

Independent research conducted by the National University of Singapore


Client success stories

Nexus Hospitals

Nexus Hospitals

Awakened Mind guided Nexus Hospitals staff to be 2.6 times more likely to take steps to improve their health and stress management.

Independent research conducted by Pracademia

Pearson Education

Pearson Education

Awakened Mind assisted Pearson Education in increasing their teams’ focus by up to 17%, job satisfaction by up to 13%, and decreasing emotional exhaustion by up to 25%.

Independent research conducted by the National University of Singapore

Airservices Australia

Airservices Australia

Awakened Mind helped Airservices Australia introduce Mindfulness to their Air Traffic Control trainees, resulting in up to 17% increase in focus, 21% increase in work engagement, and 42% reduction in emotional exhaustion.

Independent research conducted by the National University of Singapore

Companies we have collaborated with
to improve workplace wellness

Novartis EY salesforce hilton OMD qantas Insight_Enterprises HSBC-Logo drager

"Using the Awakened Mind makes me more productive, which in turn makes me feel more in control and ultimately happier. My To-do list always shrinks when I’m listening to the Awakened Mind!"

Isabel Webster

Strategic Change and Transformation Lead

"I love the app. It is user-friendly and being able to easily download meditations is great. I also love the interview series. Learn a lot and it’s well done."

Caroline Barth

Global Program Head

"Awakened Mind definitely contributed to my overall happiness and it helps me put my worries away and relax for a while."

Alena Fereday

Lead Solution Engineer

"Awakened Mind has taught me when I am not fully present in a situation to stop, breath and come back from my own thoughts to the present and be more in tune with the impact I have on others."

Angela Alves

HR Manager, ANZ

"Awakened Mind has been a great help to learn new and refocus on mindfulness practices, it is easy to use and has something for all situations."

Mike Swadzba

Director of Operations

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Our solution has helped organisations experience the game-changing benefits of integrated mindfulness practice.

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