You can’t “learn” creative thinking - it needs to be unlocked. Find out how our mindfulness resources can help.

Honing creativity by dispelling absentmindedness

Absentmindedness - which, in the context of mindfulness, refers to the quality of not being fully engaged in your reality and being caught up in your thoughts, instead - robs us of the ability to see things differently.

This can be a major creativity-killer and can also lead to a lack of concentration at work.

What kills creativity?

  • Ineffective stress management and poor workload management
  • Absentmindedness
  • Failing to engage meaningfully with assigned tasks
  • A lack of concentration or focus on the finer details
  • Avoidance and resistance towards failure and risk-taking

Using mindfulness as a workplace tool

Using mindfulness and meditation, you can now transform the skills of your workforce with consistent practice.

By becoming more aware of your external environment, thought process, and your reactions to external stimuli, you’re able to tune out of yourself and into the needs and demands of the workplace. Improving your performance is just a few resources away.

Enhance creative thinking with our app

Creative thinking is a gift that can drive innovation, growth, and greater engagement in the workplace. Enhance creativity among your teams with mindful practices.

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You can’t learn creative thinking but you can unlock it. Paying attention, dispelling absentmindedness, and practicing mindfulness will help you unlock your creative thinking skills.
Yes, it does. Poor stress management skills will hamper your ability to think creatively and explore new ideas. Developing stress and workload management skills will help you nurture your creativity.
Yes. You can develop techniques that will help you prevent absentmindedness and improve your focus and concentration. Mindfulness exercises are a great way to prevent absentmindedness.
Yes, mindfulness and creativity are linked. Mindfulness helps you manage your stress and workload and improve your concentration. This tends to open your mind up to new ideas and possibilities.
Develop effective stress management techniques, balance your workload, actively avoid absentmindedness, engage meaningfully with your tasks, improve concentration and focus, and embrace risks.