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Mindfulness: The Essentials For You And Your Workplace

Discover powerful techniques to improve wellbeing, engagement and productivity in the workplace.

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Mindfulness, at its core, is about training yourself to be present in each moment. In today’s world, where there is a constant onslaught of stimuli vying for our attention, maintaining this mindset can be challenging.

This is more so in the modern workplace. In highly charged workplaces, remaining mindful and stress-free may seem like a tall ask.

The right practices, like mindful meditation and mindful meetings, for example, can make a world of a difference. Today, mindfulness represents a new approach to tackling common personal challenges in the workplace.

What will you learn?

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Tools to understand mindfulness and self-awareness

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How the mind works and what gets in the way of mental wellness

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Sustainable practices for ongoing development and wellness

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Mindfulness and other stress management practices

Who is this eBook for?

  • Managers who want to create an environment where their teams are motivated, engaged and healthy
  • HR executives who want to understand the latest trends in wellbeing programs
  • Employees who want to find effective ways of maintaining greater awareness, productivity and wellbeing
awakenedmind mindfulness 3d

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About the author

Michael Bunting is the founder of prominent leadership consultancy, WorkSmart Australia, a certified B Corp, Awakened Mind and The Mindful Leader. With a disciplined and personal mindfulness practice spanning over 25 years, he has taught mindful leadership to businesses and governments for more than 20 years.

Today, he is also the author of the number-one bestseller, The Mindful Leader, and co-author of bestselling books, A Practical Guide to Mindful Meditation, with Patrick Kearney, and Extraordinary Leadership in Australia & New Zealand with Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, the world’s premier researchers and authors in the field of leadership.


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awakenedmind mindfulness 3d