Employee Wellbeing Program | Awakened Mind

Say NO to one-off events

Our programs come with a full support infrastructure designed to
ensure lasting impact on your employees’ wellbeing

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Internally scalable

  • Each group program comes with an easy-to-follow, comprehensive facilitator guide for you to run the program internally
  • The programs resources are available in English, German, French & Spanish

Programs don’t end at the end of the course

  • All participants get ongoing access to all learning programs and practice resources via the app
  • Once you’ve learnt how to facilitate one of our programs, you can facilitate the others too.

All the support you need

  • Our team is here to assist you with onboarding and rollout. We have a series of webinars available as an easy way in
  • Our global network of consultants is here to do the facilitation for you, or to support you as you do it yourself

Our Group Programs

Mindfulness essentials

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Unlock tools to understand mindfulness and self-awareness

Understand the mind and what gets in the way of mental wellness

Develop sustainable practices for ongoing development and wellness

Stress & resilience

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Understand the causes of stress, exhaustion and anxiety

Develop brain friendly strategies for high levels of resilience

Develop the ability to bounce back from setbacks

Mental wellbeing essentials

003 mental wellbeing essentials

Learn a framework for understanding the basics of mental wellbeing

Take action to reduce the habits that erode mental wellbeing

Take positive action towards your life purpose and values

Group learnings generates 30x more engagement than self-paced learning*

LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2021

Proven results with clients around the globe

We collaborated with the National University of Singapore to run an independent, academic research study on the impact of Awakened Mind in the workplace.

Results after 8 weeks

  • Emotional exhaustion: -58%
  • Focus: +22%
  • Work engagement: +37%
  • Job satisfaction: +22%
  • Flow: +25%
  • Perceived leadership effectiveness: +25%
  • Perceived team effectiveness: +13%

8 companies  | 22 groups  | 218 employees

Ongoing access to support resources

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Learning center

  • Mindfulness essentials
  • Mental wellbeing essentials
  • Sleep health
  • Stress and resilience
  • Pain and mindfulness
  • Illness and mindfulness

Practice center

  • 300+ dedicated, guided meditation tracks
  • 300+ Neurosync™ tracks
  • Group program facilitator guides

Exclusive for organisations : employer administration portal

  • Usage overview dashboard
  • Easy user management
  • Stress level pulse checks
  • Custom in-app surveys
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The app is available
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