Guided meditation for sleep is a game-changer.
At Awakened Mind, we help you enjoy high-quality sleep.

Why are you always counting sleep?

There are plenty of reasons why we don’t enjoy high-quality sleep or struggle to sleep in the first place.

Some of these include:

  • Lingering stress and frustration carried over from the day
  • Stressful work and home environments
  • The blue light from smartphones and other devices disrupting our circadian rhythm
  • Hormonal changes such as those that take place during menstrual cycles
  • Erratic sleeping patterns and sleep cycles
  • Anxiety and/or other mental health challenges
  • Insomnia

At Awakened Mind, we specialise in all types of guided meditation.

Access greater mindfulness and tranquillity through expert-led meditation tracks, which help you get better sleep, improve your relaxation, enhance stress management, and even alleviate anxiety and depression.

What are the benefits of guided meditation for sleep?

Did you know that approximately 63% of Australians have taken active steps to improve their sleep? Listening to soothing tracks has proved to be one of the most prominent methods too.

  • Guided meditation for sleep gears your brain waves and activity for restful sleep
  • Meditation tracks reduce thoughts and distractions that keep you tossing and turning all night
  • These are also effective as a form of guided meditation for relaxation: Reduce your stress and anxiety with 20-minute guided meditation sessions
  • Soothing meditative music is the perfect white noise for restful sleep

Enjoy guided meditation for sleep with Awakened Mind

The premium version of our app allows you to enjoy custom guided meditation tracks, all of which aim to give you greater control over stress management, relaxation, and sleep. Customise your timers and practise mindfulness and meditation for as long as you like.

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To get better sleep, try techniques like meditation, limiting technology inside the bedroom, taking a hot shower before bed, and drinking hot tea or beverages. You should also maintain a set routine.
If you’re battling insomnia, guided meditation tracks for sleep may train your brain to fall asleep faster. Beyond this, you may need to see a sleep specialist for other solutions to manage your insomnia.
Yes, guided meditation aids sleep. Guided meditation tracks can set your mind at ease and help you feel calmer and more relaxed. This helps you fall asleep faster and maintain better sleeping habits.
Guided meditation is a great way to learn how to meditate. For those who are still uncertain as to how meditation works, guided meditation provides you with the support to get started with this practice.
Meditative music can be therapeutic and may help you fall asleep faster. These tracks may slow down racing thoughts, regulate your breathing, and help you prepare your mind for getting deep sleep.