Better health and wellbeing is a combination of physical strength and vitality and a healthy state of mind - two outcomes guaranteed by mindful meditation.

Why mindfulness is a major player in the wellbeing world

Mindfulness, which refers to the quality of being aware of the sensations and experiences you enjoy when you interact with your external environment, has become a popular force in the corporate arena.

Using mindfulness, you’re able to manage your stress better, worry less, and become more effective at what you do. With benefits for both your mental and physical health, it’s a strategy with surprising efficacy.

What are the benefits of mindful meditation for physical strength?

  • Improved immune system Improved immune system
  • Lower blood pressure Lower blood pressure
  • Better cardiovascular health Better cardiovascular health
  • Improved eating behaviours and attitudes Improved eating behaviours and attitudes
  • Healthier body mass index Healthier body mass index
What are the benefits of mindful meditation for physical strength?

Boosting health and wellbeing in a few minutes every day

Mindfulness doesn’t require you to do too much - all you need to do is tune out of your thoughts, worries, and anxieties and zone into the physical reality you find yourself in. By doing so, you prevent unnecessary stress that may be affecting your health and wellbeing.

Discover how we transform your life with our mindfulness app.

Work towards better health and wellbeing with Awakened Mind

Work towards better health and wellbeing with Awakened Mind

Mindfulness is a resource that can be leveraged at any place, at any time. Discover how our app can drive improved health and wellbeing including physical strength.

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Yes. Mindfulness boosts your physical health in a variety of ways including the improvement of chronic pain, sleeping habits, the treatment of heart disease, and lowers blood pressure.
Yes, stress can harm your physical health. Extended periods of stress can lead to a weakened immune system, insomnia, tension headaches, and put you at increased risk of diseases.
Your physical and mental health are intrinsically linked. Poor mental health often manifests as physical illnesses over time. Inversely, poor physical health can take a toll on your mental health.
Certain benefits of mindful meditation are the development of self-awareness, mindful focus, improved mental health, longer attention span, better stress management, and greater empathy.
Self-awareness can have a notable impact on your physical and mental health. It gives you the ability to recognise your strengths and weaknesses and identify key areas of improvement.