Healthy relationships are critical to positive emotions and improved personal and professional outcomes. Mindfulness helps you along the way.

Emotional intelligence is a superpower

When you have a high EQ, you’re able to connect with people better, regulate your emotions, and enjoy an incredible level of self-awareness. This leads to healthy relationships because you’re more authentic in who you are and what you do.

Mindful practices have a reputation for facilitating emotional intelligence. By being more open, honest, and non-judgmental with yourself, process your emotions effectively and leverage them to create a positive workplace.

How can you create healthy relationships at work?

  • Express positive emotions, especially when it concerns other colleagues
  • Leverage greater emotional intelligence
  • Don’t be petty - resolve conflict by having direct conversations
  • Refrain from office gossip no matter how harmless it seems
  • Communicate purposefully, meaningfully, and empathetically
  • Be sensitive to the different needs of the people you work with

Using mindfulness for improved interpersonal outcomes

Mindfulness is a major wellness trend in the corporate world. Beyond helping people manage their stress better and become more engaged at work, it’s also a useful tool to build healthy relationships and help people enjoy more positive emotions.

Discover how Awakened Mind helps you transform your workplace with mindful practices.

Build a healthier and wealthier workforce

Mindfulness is a resource that can be leveraged at any place, at any time. Discover how our app can drive healthy relationships, positive emotions, and emotional intelligence at work.

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