Healthy relationships are critical to positive emotions and improved personal and professional outcomes. Mindfulness helps you along the way.

Emotional intelligence is a superpower

When you have a high EQ, you’re able to connect with people better, regulate your emotions, and enjoy an incredible level of self-awareness. This leads to healthy relationships because you’re more authentic in who you are and what you do.

Mindful practices have a reputation for facilitating emotional intelligence. By being more open, honest, and non-judgmental with yourself, process your emotions effectively and leverage them to create a positive workplace.

How can you create healthy relationships at work?

  • Express positive emotions, especially when it concerns other colleagues
  • Leverage greater emotional intelligence
  • Don’t be petty - resolve conflict by having direct conversations
  • Refrain from office gossip no matter how harmless it seems
  • Communicate purposefully, meaningfully, and empathetically
  • Be sensitive to the different needs of the people you work with

Using mindfulness for improved interpersonal outcomes

Mindfulness is a major wellness trend in the corporate world. Beyond helping people manage their stress better and become more engaged at work, it’s also a useful tool to build healthy relationships and help people enjoy more positive emotions.

Discover how Awakened Mind helps you transform your workplace with mindful practices.

Build a healthier and wealthier workforce

Mindfulness is a resource that can be leveraged at any place, at any time. Discover how our app can drive healthy relationships, positive emotions, and emotional intelligence at work.

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Emotional intelligence is your ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in a positive manner, relieving your stress and helping you communicate more meaningfully with others.
To enjoy healthy work relationships, don’t project your biases or insecurities on others and understand how to engage with each person in a way that corresponds to their values and attitudes.
Yes, mindfulness practices can be used to improve relationships. These help you respond instead of react and prevent stress from getting the better of you and affecting how you interact with others.
In order to build a healthy and happy workforce, you need to address workplace stress. You should also encourage a good work-life balance and provide meaningful opportunities for team engagement.
Corporate mindfulness is the systematic practice of being mindful in the workplace. This practice ensures that employees are managing their stress well, are focussed, engaged, happy, and productive.