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Why Awakened Mind?

Awakened Mind is the brainchild of global mindfulness and leadership authority, Michael Bunting, who has spent the last 20 years teaching mindful leadership to some of the world’s biggest companies.

Michael’s extensive experience and proven success in applying mindfulness to corporate leadership led him to create a solution that would fit the needs of any modern organisation...

As the most technically advanced wellbeing and growth app, Awakened Mind provides a business-ready platform for corporations looking to experience the game-changing benefits of integrated mindfulness practices. It's time to discover the power of the Awakened Mind App.

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world class content

World-class content

Evidence-based, researched training programs designed with the support of globally recognised topic experts

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Designed to drive results

All programs encourage a regular practice and integrate with the app’s feedback tool to drive accountability

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Integrated learning

Videos, podcasts, other digital resources, practices and support functionalities to foster a developmental attitude

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All digital programs come with a facilitator guide and offer a group learning experience for any leader or employee to facilitate

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What’s included ?

Learning center

  • Unlock tools to understand mindfulness and self-awareness
  • Understand the mind and what gets in the way of mental wellness
  • Develop sustainable practices for ongoing development and wellness
  • Suitable for: everyone
  • Learn a framework for understanding the basics of mental wellbeing
  • Take action to reduce the habits that erode mental wellbeing
  • Take positive action towards your life purpose and values
  • Suitable for: everyone
  • Explore the relationship between sleep, health and wellbeing
  • Discover rituals and practices that promote quality sleep
  • Unlock a range of high-tech sleep support audio tracks and resources.
  • Suitable for: everyone
  • Understand the causes of stress, exhaustion and anxiety
  • Develop brain friendly strategies for high levels of resilience
  • Develop the ability to bounce back from setbacks
  • Suitable for: everyone
  • Reduce the mind's amplifying effect on pain
  • Develop the emotional resources for coping with pain
  • Find calm and peace despite pain
  • Suitable for: people struggling with chronic and/or severe pain.
  • Support your immune system
  • Develop mental wellbeing in the midst of illness
  • Use acceptance to access support, peace and healing
  • Suitable for: people with life threatening and mild illness etc.
parcties center

Practice center

300+ dedicated, guided meditation tracks

3, 5, 10, 15 & 20 minute bespoke meditations linked to the various programs in the learning center. You can also find the meditations categorised by skills: core essentials, managing attitude and emotions, managing thoughts and a busy mind, mindful stretching etc

300+ Neurosync™ tracks

Neurosync effortlessly guides your Brainwaves into desired states of mind simply by listening to music and sounds. The library offers tracks to support sleep, stress, focus, meditation, depression, addiction and more.


  • Sleep
  • Core essentials
  • Managing thoughts & a busy mind
  • Managing attitude and emotions
  • Mindful stretching
  • Pain & illness


  • Sleep
  • Core essentials
  • Managing thoughts & a busy mind
  • Managing attitude and emotions
  • Mindful stretching
  • Pain & illness
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Group programs

Awakened Mind for work

Available programs

  • Mindfulness Essentials
  • Stress & Resilience
  • Mental Wellbeing Essentials

Simple and user-friendly

  • Come with a facilitator’s guide with instructions on how to do the program as a group.
  • Simply read through and let yourself be guided through an empowering team exercise. No expertise required; anyone can facilitate the program.

Simple structure

  • 8 – 12 participants per program
  • Programs demand 6 hours of participation over 8 weeks.
    • 2h of in-app, self-paced learning experience
    • 4h of group reflection sessions


What our clients say

Isabel Webster

Strategic Change and Transformation Lead

Using the Awakened Mind makes me more productive, which in turn makes me feel more in control and ultimately happier. My To-do list always shrinks when I’m listening to the Awakened Mind!

Caroline Barth

Global Program Head

I love the app. It is user-friendly and being able to easily download meditations is great. I also love the interview series. Learn a lot and it’s well done.

Alena Fereday

Lead Solution Engineer

Awakened Mind definitely contributed to my overall happiness and it helps me put my worries away and relax for a while.

Angela Alves

HR Manager, ANZ

Awakened Mind has taught me when I am not fully present in a situation to stop, breath and come back from my own thoughts to the present and be more in tune with the impact I have on others.

Mike Swadzba

Director of Operations

Awakened Mind has been a great help to learn new and refocus on mindfulness practices, it is easy to use and has something for all situations.