Unlock meaningful self-development and self-awareness through mindfulness

The secrets to managing the self

Without understanding who you are and what you want, any attempt to achieve authentic self-development or self-compassion is a wasted effort. It’s only through deep self-awareness that you can really live up to your potential.

Mindfulness leads to all three.

How do mindful practices help?

  • Mindfulness helps you practise self-compassion through the non-judgmental recognition of your feelings and interactions with the outside world
  • Mindful practices help you understand your reactions to certain stimuli, facilitating greater self-awareness
  • It illuminates which areas of your personality require greater attention and focus for self-improvement
  • Enjoy greater control over how you react to events
  • Mindfulness imbues you with better self-management skills, especially over your emotions and impulsive reactions

The connection between mindfulness and emotional intelligence

A closer examination of qualities like self-compassion, self-management skills, and self-awareness shows us that mindfulness is closely linked to emotional intelligence. Work on one and you work on the other.

EQ is a crucial element of any self-development plan. It’s also becoming a prized soft skill in organisations that are looking to recruit intuitive and effective communicators.

Enhance mindfulness with the Awakened Mind app

To enjoy meaningful self-awareness and thereby contribute to self-development, self-compassion, and better self-management skills, unlock mindfulness resources on the Awakened Mind app.

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