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Workload management is a crucial part of balancing your professional life with your personal needs.

Workload management and anxiety at work

With 46% of Australians considering their workplace mentally unhealthy, anxiety at work is a serious problem for organisations across the country.

In the absence of effective stress management and workload management, this can lead to poor professional and personal outcomes.

How mindfulness reduces anxiety at work and ensures a healthy work-life balance

  • Mindfulness helps you engage more fully in your present, preventing needless negative thoughts, overthinking, rumination and other defective styles of thinking
  • It helps you manage your stress better by taking one step at a time
  • Mindful communication helps you be more empathetic and connect meaningfully with colleagues, preventing petty conflicts
  • Mindfulness helps you disconnect from work when you leave your workstation - enjoy a stress-free time when you get home

How greater work balance also leads to a healthy workplace

A workplace is only as healthy as its least-stressed and least-anxious employee. A healthy workplace depends heavily on helping employees manage their stress effectively and making sure they handle their workload without compromising their personal lives and goals.

Achieve a healthy workplace and better work-life balance with Awakened Mind.

Reduce anxiety at work with Awakened Mind

Mindfulness is a resource that can be leveraged at any place, at any time. Discover how our app can improve workload management, relieve anxiety at work, and ensure better work-life balance.

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