Enjoy adult development across the spectrum with mindfulness in the workplace

Leadership development with Awakened Mind

If you’re a new leader or even an experienced manager keen on self-improvement, our app and leadership development programmes are an excellent way of helping you make more confident decisions, improving self-awareness, managing stress effectively, and communicating with empathy.

Professional development comes from meaningful adult development

Meaningful adult development helps you become your best, most authentic self in personal and professional settings.

By understanding who you are, being open and accepting of your environment, struggles and challenges, and being mindful about what influences your attitudes and behaviour, take your strengths to the next level at home and at work.

Professional development comes from meaningful adult development

Mindfulness boosts organisational development

The key to organisational growth and greater revenue is a productive and cohesive workforce. It’s only with traits and skills like effective and empathetic communication, stress management, self-awareness, and creativity, however, that these outcomes are possible.

Mindfulness helps your teams achieve all of these and more.

Enhance mindfulness with the Awakened Mind app

Enhance mindfulness with the Awakened Mind app

To enhance adult development and thereby contribute to professional, organisational and leadership development, unlock mindfulness resources on the Awakened Mind app.

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There is a direct correlation between your stage of adult development and stage of leadership development. The more self-aware you become as an adult, the more successful you will be as a leader.
Good communication skills inspire confidence, trust, reliability, and engagement. These are qualities that will advance your professional development and help you build stronger networks.
Mindfulness builds self-awareness, which is what helps you advance through the stages of adult development. Without self-awareness, you won’t possess the necessary perception for transformation.
According to Dr Robert Kegan’s theory, there are four main stages of adult development. They are the imperial mind, socialised mind, self-authoring mind, and self-transforming mind.
Self-improvement refers to individual actions you adopt to improve yourself, while adult development includes an understanding of how you operate among your peers and within society at large.